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If you would like to discuss any product or range please contact us below. We can change colours or styles to suit and we can discuss matching product and multi product deals. (e.g. sofa set and bar set).

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JardinSalon is a new made to order garden and patio furniture company, and is the brain child of Iain French. (Jardin salon loosely translates from French to Garden Lounge Chair).

Iain has been in the direct marketing of products from factory to the general public for nearly 30 years, and is continually bringing new ideas and great product lines to market.

Early in 2016 a friend of Iain's asked him to source some Rattan furniture and they soon realised that there was a huge hole in the market for top quality made to order furniture at a reasonable price.

The concept of JardinSalon, is that we don’t stock huge warehouses full of stock that people may or may not want, but to supply direct to the customer what style they want and in what colour, and to be able to match different designs to suit your garden or patio space and to compliment your décor.


All products are imported by order. We only stock a limited supply in NZ.

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Telephone:0274 967 606

2/90 Elizabeth Knox Pl
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